Standard Features

Special Features, Superior Quality


Car Operating Panel

Hall Indicating Panel


More of Satchi’s standard accessories

• Elevator entrance door detector (safety edge)
• Intercom & alarm
• Emergency bell
• Hall door and cabin door locks
• Photo Cells and Captors

• Over speed protection
• Over current protection
• Phase failure protection
• Over load protection

• Up and down limit switches
• Stranded steel ropes
• Counter weight frame made of steel with cast iron blocks
• Photo sensor for accurate floor level

• Cabin and counterweight buffers
• Lubricating oil cans for cabin and counterweight guide rails
• VVVF inverter and motor for smooth door operation
• Manual door opening in emergency cases

• Manual operation to move the cabin to nearest floor in emergency case
• Interfacing with building fire alarm panel
• Simplex or group operation (duplex, triplex, 8 car..,)
• Automatic rescue device (ARD) to move cabin to nearest floor in case of electric power shut down (Optional)